Handmade leather belt | English bridle leather | Roller buckle
Black handmade leather belt

The “Roller” style handmade leather belt. English bridle leather and roller buckle. Choice of colour, width and length.

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About your handmade leather belt with roller buckle

This handmade leather belt is hand cut by me from a piece of the finest English bridle leather. I then cut the belt ends and the buckle loop, before hand stitching in the roller buckle and keeper.

Need help choosing your handmade leather belt? Have a read of my leather belt buying guide before you buy!

  • Hand cut to your waist size from 5mm thick English bridle leather
  • Choice of stainless steel or brass roller buckle
  • The roller buckles are made in a UK foundry
  • Handstitched buckle and keeper
  • 2 belt widths; a casual style 1.5 inches or a dress belt width of 1.25 inches
  • 7 holes spaced 22mm apart
  • Dark havana colour is rich dark brown
  • Australian nut colour is rich nutty brown

Because these belts are handmade to order, the delivery time can be up to 10 days, though they are generally delivered quicker than that; it depends on how many orders I have queued.

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Chestnut colour is currently OUT OF STOCK. If you would like to order a chestnut coloured item, please contact me so I can let you know about time delays.

Additional information

Belt length in inches

30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44

Belt width

1.25 inches (dress style), 1.5 inches (casual style)

Leather colour

Australian nut, Dark havana

Buckle style

Stainless steel, Brass